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Our dogs are the centre of our world. Our Alaskan Huskies make up our extended family and although they are working dogs, not pets, we treat them with the same respect and care that any pet owner would be proud of. And we think it shows in their behaviour. Our dogs are extremely friendly, obedient and good around children. They are also hard working, loyal and energetic! When it’s time to run they are jumping and barking ready to go. When they are resting in their yards, they are usually playful but calm and quiet. Occasionally you will hear them howl; perhaps a thank you for their dinner or just a show of solidarity but mostly they like the calm, peaceful atmosphere as much as our guests do.

Our dogs live in outside dog yards of 24-28 square metres each with houses that are insulated and protected against the cold and wet. Even when the temperature hits minus 30, our dogs are warm and comfortable in their houses with plenty of straw and sawdust to make a cosy bed. We keep them in pairs as they prefer the company of other dogs but we also make sure they have a space of their own should they want it. Sweden has very high standards when it comes to animal welfare and we strive to maintain even higher standards of care than are required.

We feed our dogs with the highest quality dog food on the market; dry kibble by Royal Canin made specifically for working sled dogs which we mix with high grade raw meat, usually sourced straight from the slaughter house with nothing added, and a specially formulated sleddog meat mixture. Depending on a dog’s individual requirements, the temperature, or other conditions, we may also supplement their feed with salmon oil or animal fat. In the winter, our dogs can easily chomp their way through 20kg of dry food and 30kg of meat or more a day!

Each of our dogs is special and they all have very individual personalities. Here’s a small introduction to the team.

Black dog husky at a Swedish kennel


Aida is a favourite with our guests and guides! She likes nothing better than a belly rub and will roll over right on your feet! In 2017 she gave birth to her first litter of 8 puppies.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Alonso is a little bit shy at first but very affectionate when he gets to know you. He is a fast, consistent and reliable team dog. He likes a good howl so if someone get a chorus going, you can bet it’s him.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Bak is one of our smaller, more husky looking dogs. He came to our kennel in the summer of 2016 with his brother Bucho. He’s quiet and independent but still loves a cuddle now and then.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Balto has the look of a fine English gentleman and quite often acts like one too. He’s one of our older dogs and has a truly lovely character. He’s also in love with Ratty who seems to love him back just as much!
husky dog at a Swedish kennel


Bucho and his brother Bak came to us from Slovakia in the summer of 2016 at the age of 2. Like his brother he can run in lead and is friendly but independent.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Button is an amazing female leader who wags her tail in a circular motion so fast we sometimes think she’ll fly away! She’s very exciteable and barks continously when she thinks there’s a chance to go for a run!
husky dog in Swedish kennel


Chaos is aptly named. As a pup she would run around with limitless energy in all directions. In her first season running she made it to leader and she continues to get better and better!
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Everybody loves Chunky, our cheeky monkey. He has so much energy and puts 150% effort into running. He slips his collar when we are on tour and spends most of his time wandering around photo-bombing our guests pictures.
husky dog in Swedish kennel


Dina is one of four sisters in the kennel. She’s quiet, very sweet and can eat for the whole family! She does love her food. In 2015 she became a surrogate mum to 6 puppies when her sister Patch had a litter of 13!
husky dog at a Swedish kennel


Flora is one of the smallest dogs in our kennel but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in attitude! She’s sweet, incredibly cuddly and loves to run! You’ll never find her too far from her sister Hera.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Foxy was born in 2008 and was the smallest pup in the litter and almost didn’t make it! She’s the spitting image of her Dad and was nicknamed Pocket Rocket… although she’s not as fast these days she’s still a good leader.
husky dog in Swedish kennel


Gaia is a feisty female born in 2015. She has 9 brothers and sisters in the kennel and she’s the bossiest (other than perhaps her sister Juno)! She runs like crazy and makes a great addition to any team.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Grony is one of the biggest characters in our kennel. She should be named Houdini as she can escape from anywhere, anytime. She’s friendly, loves attention and is a great dependable dog.
Fluffy husky dog at a Swedish kennel


Hebe was born in August 2015 as part of a litter of 10. She was the biggest – and furiest – female of the lot and things haven’t changed. She’s very sweet and will cuddle at every opportunity!
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Hera is a friendly, energetic female that likes to hang out with her sister Flora. She’s cute and kind, except when it comes to food… at that point it’s every dog for her/himself!
husky dog at a Swedish kennel


In 2017 Hidalgo was rescued from a large kennel where he was struggling to settle in. He’s naturally nervous but with encouragement from us and a friendly kennel mate, Toby Too, he is blossoming into a firm favourite.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Jack is a good-sized, dependable male who always shares a kennel with his brother Poppet. He’s well mannered and good natured. He can be very comical and walks along his enclosure fence on his hind legs.
husky dog in Swedish kennel


Juno is the spitting image of her mum, Patch. Born in August 2013 as one of 7 sisters and 3 brothers she is high spirited, independent and a bit bossy! In the team, she channels this energy into running.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Kuka is a little timid with people she doesn’t know but ultra sociable with the other dogs. She has piercing blue eyes against a black coat, which gives her a striking look. She’s also a bit of a howler!
Fluffy husky dog at a Swedish kennel


Leepey has an independent character gets on with the job at hand. She is mum to the ‘sweets’ litter and, given the chance, would eat for the whole kennel. She’s also a reliable leader.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Born in 2015, Loki is a large male who likes to sleep by his brother Thor’s side, whether Thor likes it or not! Loki has cute dark brown frown lines and always gets to choose which house they sleep in!
husky dog in Swedish kennel


Max and his siblings were the mainstay of our kennel in the early days. He was part of the team when Milos won La Grande Odyssee in 2011. He’s sweet and is still a good leader.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Nitro came to be part of the LSA family from a kennel in Norway. Born in 2015, he’s one of the biggest dogs in the kennel and has made a name for himself as a chewer, he’ll chew just about anything.
Fluffy husky dog at a Swedish kennel


Nyx is a shy male born in 2015. He’s incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to running and a fantastic leader. He also happens to be the only one in his 10-strong litter born with pointed ears that stick up!
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Patch is mum to a number of young dogs in our kennel. She’s a fabulous mum and has produced some really great racing dogs for us. She eats as fast as she runs and she runs fast!
husky dog in Swedish kennel


Poppet puts 100% of his boundless energy into running and is not happy unless he’s running fast. He’s quite a special character and can surprise you with a very sloppy kiss when you’re least expecting it!
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Potter is brother to Poppet, Jack and Chunky but is a little smaller and quieter than all of them. Although part of the ‘sweets’ litter, he got the name Potter because as a puppy he would curl up in his food pot!
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Ratty is a fast little female. She got her name simply because she looked like a rat when she was born! Although we think she’s got more beautiful as she’s aged. Balto thinks so too.
husky dog in Swedish kennel


Richie came to us from Slovakia in Summer 2014. He is small in stature and more husky looking than most of our dogs. He’s a bit feisty yet friendly and the only time he stands still is when you’re giving him cuddles.
husky dog at a Swedish kennel


Born in August 2016 as a single puppy to Patch and Slash, Rosie has a very exuberant personality. She’s a great runner and although still a young dog has been in lead already and is showing great potential.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Slash is one of our biggest males. He’s incredibly exciteable yet sweet natured and a good dependable dog in the team. He gets his name from the Guns n Roses band guitarist!
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Thor is a blue eyed boy and the rising star of our kennel. He’s playful, big and a complete softy who is glued to his brother Loki. With those peircing blue eyes he’s a favourite with our guests and loves a cuddle.
husky dog at a Swedish kennel


Brother to Max (it must be the ears!) Toby is as reliable as they come. He’s smart, fast and strong.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Toby Too got the ‘Too’ added to his name when he joined our kennel as a young dog and we already had a dog named Toby. He’s a big, athletic, houndy looking dog with an independent character.
husky dog in Swedish kennel


At a first glance, Turbo can look like a dominant male, but underneath he’s a big softy and loves belly rubs; he’ll roll over and offer you his belly at a moments notice. He loves playing with his brother Nitro.
Brown dog husky in Swedish kennel


Waf (Sir Waf or Mr Waf as he is affectionately known) is the residing star of our kennel and one of our most dependable lead dogs. Waf is super intelligent and very good natured.





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